Blog Title Change

I recently re-thought my blog title, and therefore renamed it because of a debate and dialog I was having in my head.

First, Craftaholic was a cute word, but looking at it more closely, I realized it could be disrespectful to make light of addictions and those who suffer with them.

Second, I was struggling with the question of why was I writing a blog? What made me worthy to write and publish? The answer that my inner demons gave me was that I wasn’t. They said I should wait until I became worthy to write and share anything. Since making and writing was what would get me through the day when sometimes nothing else does, I was stuck. Then the inner child in me, the one that is holding up the great gray wolf, yelled out, “Who cares?! Why do I have to WAIT to be worthy?” So I decided to take on the mantel of (un)Worthy because I wasn’t going to keep writing and making anyway.

What does this title invoke?

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