Massive Cross stitch project

I have been working on a very large cross stitch project that I actually started 20 years ago. I cam back to it and decided to undo and begin again. I thought it might help me get through the rough spots (when I just want to be done!) if I posted my progress periodically.

Here is the first progress photo.

As of January 28, 2019
(diameter = approx. 12″)

This was just before the terrible polar vortex we had in the midwest, so I should have posted one from directly AFTER that stretch, where I did nothing much more than stay under the blankets in front of a space heater and stitched. My brain was too frozen so I forgot. But I will post a more recent photo to see the progress. Can you guess what it is? It will be fun to see how far I have to go before it’s clear what it is.

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