A planner of one’s own

I am working on developing a new planner for myself. I know it’s late to be starting this, but I am making books anyway. I have often found planners not quite what I need for my own uses. I also am trying to keep up the habit of “morning pages” (as described in ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron ) – three pages every day of stream of consciousness writing. I have a hard time calling them morning pages as lately they rarely are done in the morning.

Thanks to Pexels for the image!

I want something that can keep these pages, provide some space to play around with art journaling, and keep track of the things I’m supposed to do day to day. My Google calendar works great for appointments – they give me reminders and I can seem them in multiple places. But the other kinds of electronic planner items have never worked well for me.

Another thing I have been doing is rewarding myself for doing certain things as a self-care practice. Stickers.

I’m a nerd. When I was in seventh grade my best friend and I were into crafts. And stickers. So I get a sticker for doing daily pages, exercising, or writing beyond my pages. The last one gets a high value sticker. I bought myself a pack of Lisa Frank stickers. As a middle-aged adult I recognize that these stickers and the art on them is over the top and garish. But they were high value in seventh grade, so they are high value now because they remind me of being that kid. It makes me smile.

So, I need the following things:

  • Space for To-dos a way to cross or check them off
  • Something for tracking the dates (Calender)
  • space for the stickers
  • space for art journaling (should be mostly blank)
  • space for daily pages (prefer lines)

What I am thinking about now is to make a book cover that I can add or subtract sections. Then within the cover will be planner pages in one section, art journaling in another, and finally daily pages in a third section. These will be bound with the perfect binding technique (if this is the term) – with glue on the spine of the text block, although it would be nice to have them stitched. I haven’t decided this yet.

I still have a lot to learn. But it’s fun to think about these things.

Have you seen good examples of people who have successfully created their own planners? What sources do you find for planning and keeping track of projects and appointments? Have you found places to get flexible planner components? Share them in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “A planner of one’s own

  1. My partner has a hard time finding the right type of planner every year and usually gives up and finds something not quite right but that will work. I just use my phone’s built in apps for reminders and appointments, but would love to see what you end up making! Sounds exciting. 😁


    1. I have the same issues. I do use Google calendar for my appointments, deadlines sometimes. But there is a tactile relationship when writing in a book. I have found things that worked well for one set of tasks, but I end up with many different notebooks for the different kinds of writing, or tracking I’m doing. It may be too ambitious to try to get them all in one book – but we will see! I will post pictures of any progress I have.

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